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H.E.C. Holistic Equine Canine


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  • Integrating Complementary Animal Therapies

    •  Equine Osteopathy

    •  Equine & Canine Acupuncture

    •  Canine Osteopathic Techniques

    •  Connective Tissue Techniques (Fascia release)

    •  Cranial-sacral- Myofascial  unwinding

    •  Rehabilitation &  Remedial  Therapy


Specialised holistic, therapy that combines various  healing techniques to improve and restore body alignment and musculo-skeletal function. The treatment advocates no force and the techniques used stimulate the body's  innate natural  healing ability.  H.E.C.  has a focus on fascia, posture, muscle tone and exercise in hand, under saddle and for the rider to prevent reoccurring same pattern problems. It is not a stand alone as HEC need to work as a team to be holistic, with other professionals, owners and handlers involved with the animal. 

All sport and work which involves repetition, speed and or stamina can cause injury or strain that can  cause postural problems and incorrect alignment, musculo- skeletal changes, diminished potential, fatigue and discomfort. Subtle disorder can not only affect the biomechanics of movement and physical performance, but a multitude of other problems can occur. In some cases musculo-skeletal restrictions and or dysfunction can be the entire cause of behavioral or physical problems, or secondary to orthopedic, endocrine, metabolic, systemic or neurological conditions.

Fascial and other soft tissue  restrictions, alter joint motion,  gait patterns, muscle function,  lymphatic drainage, and circulation. This can over time lead also to subtle neurological disturbance, systemic toxicity, endocrine disturbance and unresolved, non pathological lameness, lowered vitality, poor performance and behavior.

 H.E.C. looks at the whole animal especially in relation to overall mobility,  to get to the primary problem, addressing non beneficial secondary restrictions and compensations patterns. Special joint mobility normalisations, stretching, strengthening, rehabilitation & maintenance exercises to restore comfort, function and enhance performance are addressed.  The aim of HEC therapy is to restore and maintain the animal at its peak level within what the animal is biologically capable. If there are conformational, or injury limitations then to have the animal pain free and able to function and perform within its capacities.


H.E.C. Therapy is recognised as an approved training provider with The International Institute for Complementary Therapists. Tuition and Training for Equine and Canine Remedial Therapy is available through courses combining external study,  plus face to face intensive theory and practical.


Helen Smith, founder of H.E.C. is a member of the International Association of Equine Osteopaths and an accredited practitioner with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.