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Beverford (Swan Hill)

Brenda & Craig Meinhold

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Site Updated: 25th November 2011

Mariposa Quarter Horse and Palomino Stud began 23 years ago near Swan Hill, Victoria.  Craig and Brenda Meinhold arrived from America to Australia in 1973 but it was ten years before they set up their horse breeding operation in 1983 in Beverford.   Their first stallion was purchased as a 6 month old chestnut colt, Court Joker,


Court Joker Q 11628

who - after 3 breeding seasons - became their son’s champion youth horse.  At that time, they were able to purchase Court Joker’s sire, Giant Mingo who became the main stallion of the Mariposa Quarter Horse and Palomino Stud. 


Giant Mingo Q 3159

As Craig’s interests took him into cutting, the purchase of an athletic little chestnut yearling, Hawks Jay Jay, completed the scope their Quarter Horse breeding program.




Hawks Jay Jay Q 28900

(as a two year old)

(cutting at PCQHA as an 7 yr old – Picture by Nalder’s Photography)

 By chance, one more stallion was to join the breeding band, Mariposa Docomingo, a dark buckskin and son of Giant Mingo, who has competed successfully in western pleasure, trail, hunter under saddle and dressage.


 (photo by Nalder Photography)

Mariposa Docomingo Q 35596


(photo as a foal)

The Mariposa Quarter Horses have been used in many horse disciplines. 

The sprint racing and cutting breeding of Giant Mingo have allowed a beautiful, flowing movement and his progeny have excelled in many disciplines such as western events, dressage, jumping and cross country.

Mariposa Game Chip

With a working background, Hawks Jay Jay’s progeny are emerging as awesome cutters, rodeo, eventing and pony club mounts.


Mariposa Chicklet  Q 43885

Mariposa Docomingo’s first foal, a buckskin filly (Mariposa Kle Doc), is looking good as a 16hh English Hunting type of horse and with the movement and temperament of a superb western riding horse. 

       Mariposa Kle Doc A2-957 


    (photo by LePix)


 Mariposa horses are known for their quiet nature and many have been used as pony club and youth mounts.  Libra Ago Go (with 1048 “A” class  AQHA points) and Court Joker (with 390 AQHA points) are not only outstanding youth champion horses but they have also successfully competed in many disciplines like dressage, pleasure, reining, trail and hunt seat equitation.  Both have retired, Libby used occasionally for RDA and CJ retired to casual pleasure riding.

Youth Horses:

CJ and Marc

Monica and Libby

Libby at RDA

Mariposa Quarter Horses have plenty of “color”.  With Giant Mingo’s recessive color genes buckskins and palominos make Mariposa horses appealing to the eye.

Beau Day A1-7157



Mariposa Hijo Mingo  Q 30331

(Photo by Nalder Photography)

Mariposa Knotty Mingo Q46176 


Mariposa Call Me Mister Q28454

Horses from Mariposa have some unusual jobs.  One unique niche is as ‘lead-out’ horses at the renowned tourist attraction, Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria.  “Checkers” has worked as a lead-out and all-round using horse at Sovereign Hill for 15 years and “Mouse” was purchased to replace him five years ago.  Both horses are known for their unflappable personality, love of people and Quarter Horse reputation of reliability.
Checker Dell Q 19305

…Between jobs…………………………..At Work, leading out 4 stage horses.


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